Pokémon's first Galar Region animated short is utterly charming

It's unclear whether the rest of Twilight Wings will exclusively focus on John's escapades, but judging from the finale of episode one, many other Sword and Shield characters and Pokemon will make an appearance. While the main characters from the anime don't seem to be present in this side series, there are some familiar faces for those who have already played through the Galar-based games.

On Wednesday, The Pokemon Company published the first episode of a limited animated series on YouTube called Pokemon: Twilight Wings, which takes place in the same region as the Switch games. Each episode will air a month apart, will be around five-minutes long, and the series will conclude this summer. According to the episode description, John has been hospital-bound since he was young, but that hasn't stopped him from falling in love with Pokemon battles. "Ever since he saw his first Pokémon battle on TV, he's been a big fan of Champion Leon-and he's dreamed of watching one of Leon's matches in a stadium".

This isn't the first time The Pokemon Company has launched these internet side series, as it did something similar with Pokemon Origins and Pokemon Generations. New episodes will debut monthly.

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