Pet sounds: Spotify unleashes podcast for lonely UK dogs

Spotify Has Made A Playlist Based On Yr Pet’s Personality ‘Cause They Deserve A Boogie Too

Spotify Now Making Personality-Based Playlists for Your Pet — And Ozzy Osbourne's Dog Loves His

Or would skip the song you are now blasting in your bedroom? The company encourages you to try it anyway-"You may find your rabbit really likes hamster music!"

According to the Independent, Spotify is releasing playlists and podcasts suited specifically to animals.

While Spotify acknowledges that "music for pets isn't an exact science", the Pet Playlists tool considers whether your dog is relaxed or energetic, if your cat is shy or friendly, or whether your iguana is curious or apathetic.

Alex Benjamin, an animal psychologist from the University of York, who also worked on the podcast, said playing Spotify to pets could help soothe them by masking the "startling sounds of the outside world such as traffic, auto doors slamming or the bins being emptied".

Spotify, which launched in 2008 and now claims to have 113 million subscribers in 79 countries, said its polling suggested 76 per cent of British owners believed their pets enjoyed listening to music. The company says it consulted with cellist and musicologist David Teie, who's built a business selling music to cat owners, to shape "how the algorithm was programmed".

To get your Pet Playlist, visit Spotify's new Pet Playlist website, choose an animal, and then answer questions about their personality and temperament.

Once you've given the algorithm the info, it will create a playlist catered to your pet's personality that you and your pet can instantly listen to and share.

While it's not clear what actual science goes into curating the playlists - it mostly appears to be a fun gimmick for Spotify customers - the science behind using music as a tool to keep your pets happy and calm is well-established.

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