Ninja and other content creators are getting Fortnite skins

Ninja Is Finally Getting His Own Fortnite Skin (UPDATED)

Epic announces 'The Icon Series' of celebrity skins for Fortnite, kicks things off with Ninja

Epic Games hasn't exactly been consistent when it comes to releasing the full patch notes on their own website in full, but it looks like they are live now.

With Epic Games gone for nearly a month, it's no surprise that a number of bugs and glitches have appeared in the game, leaving Fortnite fans frustrated as they wait on fixes to come. Fortnite made the careers of several streamers and YouTubers, and the attention of these creators propelled Fortnite into the stratosphere.

Ninja has been the biggest name in Fortnite since the game first released. There's a new feature called sidegrading which can be done at the upgrade stations to convert your normal AR to a Heavy AR.

Epic Games today announced the Icon Series, a new rollout of purchasable skins for popular streamers, YouTubers, and content creators. Watch Ninja's stream for a sneak peak at the outfit in action! Up next will be Loserfruit and TheGrefg.

The Ninja Fortnite skin will be available to purchase from Thursday, Jan. 16 to Sunday, Jan. 19, according to Ninja. He's been campaigning for the game since it launched and has helped propel Fortnite to the top of the gaming world. The Mixer streamer and sometimes professional player was a large part of the game's sudden boom with his YouTube videos hitting millions of views on a regular basis, as well as him earning an absolute fortune through Twitch Prime when the game really started to take off.

Fortnite maintenance is expected to last at least an hour and could be longer depending on how much is being done to the game. Epic Games has finally granted his wish, so fans can finally play as Ninja in-game. The skin from his thumbnails is now a reality.

It will be exciting to see which creators will get featured next.

Will you be purchasing Ninja or will he remain another skin that you just don't need? So, here's everything we know so far about the Fortnite update 11.40.

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