New Half-Life Alyx Screenshots

New Half-Life: Alyx screenshots emerge – take a look

Here are 9 new screenshots for Half-Life: Alyx

VR hasn't set the world on fire yet, but the opportunity to play the first new Half-Life game in 13 years (and counting) is a whole different beast.

In late November, we reported that Valve's Index VR headset was selling out in a hurry, leading to shipping delays on most Index packages-headset-only, controllers-only, and headset and controller bundles-in the U.S. and Canada. Will be interested in new screenshots which have been released by a source close to the action, revealing details about enemies and environments within the new VR Half-Life Alyx game.

Valve News Network, a YouTube channel dedicated to developer activities, said it got its gloves in nine screenshots of the next Half life game.

What is interesting is the poster who goes by Hubblehubbles, has also posted a comparison screenshot of what Half Life was like in 2004 compared to 2020, and the difference is staggering, Alyx is looking to be such a attractive game. On the other hand, the channel that broadcasts the video says that these images are not carefully taken by Valve, they are randomly selected photographs and do not contain any spoilers of the story in the game. Of course, this was somewhat expected since Half-Life: Alyx is first AAA title and Valve will nearly certainly look to blow our minds. The game is coming to the PC in March 2020, and Valve does not plan to release any non-VR version. The game is VR exclusive and it will support all Steam VR devices and it comes free with Valve Index VR device.

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