Mexico said latest migrant caravan won't pass - Guatemala president

Mexico said latest migrant caravan won't pass- Guatemala president

Hondurans gather to depart in a new caravan of migrants set to head to the United States in San Pedro SulaMore

Clearly Belize will not and can not be used as a transit point for migrants to the United States, the United States has blocked that, there were troops place as I understand it on the border between Mexico and Belize and we have no facility, no mechanism or whatever to house those people so we're looking at it very carefully.

Conservative Giammattei, who inherited a contentious deal with his predecessor, is under pressure from U.S. President Donald Trump to stop undocumented migrants from Guatemala to the reducing the country's economic opportunities and regional security improved.

Hondurans walk down a street while participating in a new migrant caravan to be shipped to the United States on January 15, 2020 in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. We are not a third safe country, the safe third country is in fact Guatemala and so if they're moving into Guatemala from Honduras they'd have to hit Guatemala before they hit us.

A new migrant caravan has formed in one of Central America's most violent cities.

A man runs from approaching tear gas at the customs checkpoint in the Honduran town of Corinto, which borders with Guatemala, as a migrant caravan travels from Honduras towards the United States on January 15, 2020.

Mr Giammattei also said he would respect a deal between Central American countries that allows Hondurans to enter Guatemala as long as they have the required documents.

Most countries don't allow minors to travel without the consent of their parents or guardians, and some participants in past caravans have traveled with children who are not theirs.

Some migrants said they were aware the voyage would be tough, but said they would try anyway. "So it doesn't make much difference if you die there, or die here". He left his home in Choloma, just north of San Pedro Sula, with dreams of finding a job to send money back to his family. Officials say Honduran police fired tear gas when a group tried to cross without passing through migration controls. "In no way we have transit visas or safe passage", she told journalists, estimating that some 600 migrants had left Honduras. His other children are with their grandparents back home, he said.

The prospects for any kind of caravan like the one in 2018, which involved thousands of people, appear remote.

But the prospects that they could reach the United States appear remote: many people in the 2018 caravan applied for asylum, something that is now hard or impossible thanks to Donald Trump's crackdown on migration.

"Our desire is to go to the United States to work".

The US has used a carrot-and-stick approach in bilateral agreements struck since July with Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador to deny people an opportunity to apply for asylum in the US. The agreement lets the US send asylum seekers back to the Central American country even if the person isn't from there, and as the ACLU argues in a Wednesday court filing, it's effectively attempting to "end asylum at the southern border, plain and simple".

Human rights activist Itsmania Platero told AP: "The truth is, it's going to be impossible for the [migrants] to reach the US". "The Mexican police have a large contingent and they are going to catch all the migrants without documents and they will be detained and returned to their home countries". He set out on Wednesday with his wife Darlen Suazo and their three children, aged three to five.

That was similar to rhetoric heard from migrants in the first caravans, but things have changed since then.

While the new caravan will likely travel through Guatemala, the group will not likely be able to enter Mexico.

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