Joaquin Phoenix Reveals How Brother River's Death Impacted Him in Rare Interview

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In a new interview, Joaquin Phoenix said his brother, River, once told him, "You're going to be a more successful actor than I am". Unfortunately, River died in 1993 at the age of 23 from an overdose of drugs outside The Viper Room in West Hollywood.

Phoenix and his family gave a rare interview about River, who died in 1993, with Anderson Cooper in a "60 Minutes" special in which they discussed the impact River's death had on them.

'He came home and very excitedly say, here's this movie, ' said the star, referring to the 1980 Martin Scorsese classic Raging Bull.

'I think it just... awakened something in me, ' said Joaquin.

The usually private Phoenix seldom gives interviews about his brother, but at the Toronto International Film Festival in September past year, he also shared details about how River Phoenix told him to start acting again. "And I am indebted to him for that because acting has given me such an incredible life".

During his 60-minute interview, Phoenix shared that although his brother is not physically in his life, his presence is palpable.

Joaquin added that in every film he made, there is somehow a connection with River. He says that he will always feel his brother's presence and guidance in his life in numerous ways. Brother Joaquin, then 19 years old, was in the same tent that evening.

"You know, river was really solid actor and a movie star, and we didn't know that". There are people trying to sneak onto your land. He advised Cooper that the media protection of his brother's loss of life "impeded on the mourning course of".

For all the times Joaquin Phoenix has been given an audience lately, the Golden Globe-winning actor's family has not been the topic of discussion.

"He didn't ask me - he told me", he said. And I'll just welcome it ... And I think in a way that's what I'm always looking for.

Regarding his role as Arthur Fleck in Joker, Phoenix shared his thoughts about the character and told Cooper: "There were times when I really felt for him". And there were times when I was disappointed and disgusted by his behavior, right? "And I, I liked that".

Phoenix, Cooper shared at the introduction of the piece, has a reputation for being hard during interviews - and he discovered that a bit when he asked the actor a fairly simple question.

Cooper asked what he does in his time off from acting and Phoenix wasn't so happy to answer. He attempted, sharing, "What do I do?"

I think I do normal things. He tried, revealing, "What do i really do?"

"OK, great, great", Cooper replied.

"Rain has this handsome lyric in her song", says Phoenix, before Rain, who sat in on the sombre interview, recited, "In my mind I still see your light, I keep it alive".

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