Charlize Theron didn't meet Megyn Kelly before 'Bombshell' role

John Lithgow was left shaking after performing a sexual harassment scene with Margot Robbie in Bombshell and he says she was the same

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Bombshell's timely exposé of Roger Ailes' sexual misconduct at Fox News has brought an acting nomination not only for Theron, who is also a co-producer, in the role of former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, but also for Margot Robbie in the Supporting category and for Kazu Hiro, Anne Morgan and Vivian Baker for makeup and hairstyling. 'And also share their own experiences, which to me is so lovely because I do think there's so much stigma, still, around a lot of women who experience sexual harassment'. But the more I zeroed in on what the film was, (I realised) it wasn't a Megyn Kelly biopic, it's about a year-and-a-half at Fox, and she was a part of many other women who experienced this thing and then ultimately succeeded in doing something that was thought of as impossible.

"They are not black and white and they really, truly live in the grey zone, and the psychological abuse that women go through every single day, week after week, month after month, those are the things that we have never really talked about and I think women are really empowered by us finally acknowledging that that is bullshit and it shouldn't be around".

"We should be able to go to work and not be hassled or have a comment thrown at us and those things where you have to sit in a room and laugh at your boss's jokes a little bit louder to placate". I think that is a human right that we should all have.

"It was definitely something, we were all, all of us, the producers, the filmmakers, the entire crew, we worked incredibly hard to be as accurate as we possibly could, and to see that video it was incredibly emotional for all of us", she shared.

Theron continued: "How powerful it felt that they acknowledged that they felt that the essence of this film really represented how it felt to work there and be sexually harassed there. For us, that felt very validating".

Regarding how the film depicted former Fox News CEO Ailes, Zann said the environment he fostered was "worse than that."

Kelly also provided her reaction to being portrayed on the big screen by Theron. It took me a while to wrap my head around playing her for many reasons.

"And it's contemporary, it's of this moment, and whether you like her or not, you know her face, you know what she sounds like, and there was really no getting around that".

"I can't speak to the job Charlize Theron did", Kelly said. "I'm just too close to it".

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