The best looks of the 25th annual Critics' Choice Awards

A closer view of Florence Pugh’s heels.				CREDIT Shutterstock

A closer view of Florence Pugh’s heels. CREDIT Shutterstock

Zendaya spoke about its revolutionary role as a Street in the Euphoria at 2020 Critics's Choice Awards last night.

See more photos of Zendaya to the Critics's Choice Awards 2020 below!

Porter claimed the hand-painted body art was a depiction of "being released from the bondage of masculinity", when it come to himself as a gay guy along with participants of the transgender area. "Just like the attractive ladies from @poseonfx, we are often born into one stage of life and then cocoon into an incubation of self-discovery, transformation, and acceptance, ultimately being released into freedom as lovely creatures".

Posing for the cameras at the awards ceremony, Porter told reporters, "I am not traditional".

"I spent my whole life sort of bound by the chains of heteronormative masculinity, and I've freed myself from that", he proceeded. "This is something I've been wanting for a while and I'm really happy it's happening". "Authenticity is the truth".

Fleabag was among the biggest winners of the evening, "sexy priest" Andrew Scott winning the award for best actor in a comedy.

Anne Hathaway is a red carpet dream! From his 2019 Oscars tuxedo gown to the regal white feather look at the 2020 Golden Globes, he's got fashion on lock.

"But now that I know I do it, you can expect me to handle it every time I do it", he added.

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