Teamfight Tactics Will Launch for Mobile Devices in March



Considering neither League of Legends nor Teamfight Tactics are taxing on PC hardware, it is highly possible most contemporary smartphones will be able to run TFT Mobile. The game has since been supported with plenty of new champions, new Little Legends, fresh series of mechanics and plenty more. Some of the updates included balance changes, a new set, and, finally, a release window for the mobile launch, which we have known about since late past year.

Teamfight Tactics has been a massive hit for Riot Games, but it's missing one key feature that rival auto battlers has: it's not on phones.

You can catch the entirety of the developer video below.

It is hard to say what these themes will mean for the skills of the champions, but it is a good provocation for what will come with the next batch of new game units.

The video goes on to give more details about changes coming to TFT in 2020.

Beyond Set 2 and the Rise of the Elements era of TFT, Mortimer and Andrus hint at the possibility of PROJECT, Star Guardian, Pulsefire, and Odyssey champions in the next set of TFT units and items. TFT managed to find 33 million monthly players just on PC within months of its release, and the game's success saw the average peak concurrent players for League soar by 30%.

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