Rian Johnson Talks Knives Out 2 Possibilities and His Oscars Nomination

Featuring an all-star ensemble cast including Daniel Craig, Ana de Armas, Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, Don Johnson, Michael Shannon, Toni Collette, and Christopher Plummer, the tale of the Thrombey/Drysdale family succeeded beyond expectations. The director/writer says he would be "thrilled" to get the chance to make another installment starring Daniel Craig. The director still gets angry messages from Star Wars fans, so this makes the Knives Out success even sweeter for Johnson.

"There's a lot that has to happen: First and foremost, I have to write a script that's worth a damn, so we'll see. The possibilities of that seem endless in a way that's really exciting". His razor-sharp, star-studded murder mystery Knives Out has earned more than $265 million worldwide, and now, it's made him an Oscar nominee: The writer-director scored a Best Original Screenplay nod on Monday morning, and he woke up to a cascade of congratulations. "I do not know!" I literally took a speedboat to the airport and flew up to NY away from my vacation to meet Daniel and say 'Okay, are we going to do this?' Then I went back to my vacation afterwards. While that's not a hard no, the sequel very well could step up the sweater game yet again. I had this to say about the development of the first installment and how it will probably approach the second. "You don't try and top that". "But honestly the main thing I was shooting for was to make something that audiences would have a great time watching". I wanted to do something that I would love to see in the theater, and [I expected] that it would translate into audiences. The interview with Johnson was originally conducted by Entertainment Weekly.

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