Ex-Trump adviser Michael Flynn asks feds to reverse guilty plea

Michael Flynn asks to withdraw the guilty plea

Michael Flynn asks to withdraw his guilty plea

Former national security adviser Michael Flynn asked a federal judge to withdraw his guilty plea on Tuesday and stated that prosecutors broke his agreement for his cooperation when they asked for imprisonment instead of probation.

But in recent months, he grew less cooperative and suggested he hadn't committed any crimes, leading prosecutors to recommend that he should be sentenced to up to six months in prison.

"The Public Prosecution Service is trying to rewrite history and send Mr. Flynn to prison", Flynn's lawyers wrote in the file.

Prosecutors have reversed the decision to seek imprisonment last week, and stated, given the "serious nature" of Flynn's crime and his "apparent failure to accept responsibility", the government needed to imprison him for "respect promote the law and adequately deter such criminal behavior".

"Michael T Flynn is innocent". "He endured massive, unnecessary, and frankly counterproductive demands on his time, his family, his scarce resources, and his life".

"The same can not be said of the prosecution, which has acted in bad faith since the start of the" investigation "and continues unabated through this specious pursuit".

Mr Flynn pleaded guilty in late 2017 to lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation about interactions he had with Russia's ambassador to the United States in the weeks before Mr Trump took office, but has since argued that prosecutors violated his rights and duped him into a plea agreement.

He cooperated extensively with the government over the next year.

She also requested "a continuance of the sentencing date set for January 28, 2020, for thirty days or until February 27, 2020, or such other subsequent day that is convenient to the Court and counsel, and a corresponding extension of time to file any supplemental sentencing memorandum (from January 22, 2020, to February 21, 2020)".

The Justice Department opted not to have Flynn testify in the Virginia trial of a former business associate, saying that shortly before trial, he changed his account and contradicted his own past statements - making him unreliable as a witness.

A spokeswoman for the United States attorney's office in Washington did not immediately return an email seeking comment.

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