Akon created his own city in Senegal called 'Akon City'

“Looking forward to hosting you there in the future,” Akon wrote

“Looking forward to hosting you there in the future,” Akon wrote

"Looking forward to hosting you there in the future", he wrote.

According to The Jakarta Post, Akon has signed an agreement with Senegal's state-owned tourism company SAPCO to build a complex in the seaside village of Mbodiene, about 75 miles south of the capital Dakar.

Akon City will be a "crypto-city" built on 2,000 acres of land, gifted to him by the Senegalese President Macky Sall.

It's official, Akon has his own city in Senegal.

Known for songs like "Locked Up", "Lonely" and "Oh Africa", the Grammy-nominated rapper is more recognized as a business man than a musician these days.

What's the big deal about Akon City? . The new city would trade exclusively in his own digital cash currency, Akoin. Akoin's new revolutionary crypto coin is aimed at unifying Africa and providing potential opportunities for young aspiring entrepreneurs and will be available across the 54 countries of the entire African continent.

Akon - whose real name is Alioune Badara Thiam - first announced plans for the 2,000 acre city back in 2018, then dubbed Akon Crypto City after a cryptocurrency he planned to launch.

The Akon City will also operate on renewable energy with Akon Solar project with own worldwide airport, which is not far from Senegal's capital, Dakar.

In an interview with Nick Cannon back in December, Akon shared this information about Akon City. The music start explained that the city, which is expected to take-off in 10 years, would witness several developments in stages, as the first stage already underway since March 2019, while the second stage will start in 2025. But in his response to the worth of the project, he said, "I always felt like if you have to label yourself a billionaire, I don't even think billionaires label themselves one. It's like a waste of a billion dollars".

A noble idea, for sure, but we've yet to see how this will pan out for him.

Whilst the terms of that agreement aren't clear yet, it seems as if he's dead set on using his money to improve his homeland.

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