Peter Sarsgaard Talks THE BATMAN

Peter Sarsgaard

Peter Sarsgaard’s Comments About The Batman Have Us Very Excited For The Movie

We're sure Reeves has some plans for this version of Gotham City and seeing Robert Pattinson as Batman gliding around here should be a lot of fun if executed correctly.

The 48-year-old actor has compared the film to the "energy" he felt when seeing his favourite band, The Pixies, play when he was at college. Although the star noticed that The batman It won't be a completely wild R-sorting effort, he still hopes to get as far as possible with the character, mocking the "crazy things" you can do with the hero.

Peter Sarsgaard has been cast in an as yet unannounced role in Matt Reeves' The Batman, and while he's not revealing any details about his character, the actor did recently appear at the Television Critics Association's show for the upcoming CBS All Access series Interrogation and discussed what it's like making the movie, CinemaBlend's own Nick Venable was in attendance. It seems to me different from other Batman movies, and only with the cast. That it has the energy and that kind of thing, and that it is not aimed so specifically at a very young audience, or at a very old audience, but that it has that power of chaos in it ...

The Pixies were my favorite group of all time. We all know a bit of extra concerning the Batsuit although, with those that've seen it claiming it's impressed by comedian artist Lee Bermejo's designs, which can point out a glance that references Batman: Noel. I attended about 20 concerts, and that was the feeling of all of us in this. And it is very emotional. The Pixies were an incredibly emotional band, and I think this Batman is very emotional in that regard. I really liked doing that. Fingers crossed they've one thing particular lined up, as a result of I've all the time beloved analyzing a brand new Batsuit and determining what it says concerning the new interpretation.

When asked by EW why he took on the new Batman role, Pattinson explained, "There's something that always appealed to me about it". And I think Matt Reeves also it does. You can do insane things with that paper.

Pattinson has previously expressed his opinion that he doesn't see Batman as a superhero, describing Bruce as having "something strange" about him.

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