Newspaper: Apologetic Buttler queries use of stump microphones

Buttler 'I think the players like the thinking of what happens on the field stays on the field and isn't heard necessarily by everyone at home'

Buttler'I think the players like the thinking of what happens on the field stays on the field and isn't heard necessarily by everyone at home

England wicketkeeper Jos Buttler unleashed an expletive-laden tirade at South Africa's Vernon Philander.

A contrite Buttler has apologised after he was caught on stump microphones swearing repeatedly at the South African paceman at Newlands.

I fully understand that we have a certain duty to act as role models, "said Buttler, when England started preparing for the third test at St. George's Park on Thursday".

"I'd like to apologise, I understand that's not the way to behave", he told BBC's Test Match Special. "I take the slap on the wrist", claimed Buttler. He attributed his behavior to the "heat of the moment and a bit of redness".

"It's all done so hopefully it can be swept under the carpet and we move on".

Buttler was found to have breached Article 2.3 of the ICC Code of Conduct for Players and Player Support Personnel, which relates to "use of an audible obscenity during an global match" following an incident with Vernon Philander of South Africa.

"Get out [of] the f.g way", Buttler could be heard saying on the field, prompting a bemused Philander to turn and stare incredulously in his direction.

Vernon Philander, right, was batting to save the Cape Town test and South Africa were frustrating Jos Buttler, centre, and England.

"It is hard: we understand that it adds to the experience of the spectator having stump microphones to hear a little of what is happening". You can say things that mean nothing, but for viewers at home it may seem very poor, "he said".

"It is a challenging one - we comprehend that it includes in the customer experience to have stump mics to listen to a little what takes place".

Buttler additionally thinks that "what happens on the field, should stay on the field".

"Hopefully it is just today", Buttler said of Root missing training.

"It's easy to say that voice is the way to do things, but your actions also speak loudly".

England was criticised for being "too quiet" during a Test series defeat in New Zealand towards the end of past year but Buttler said there had been no conscious effort to lift the team's aggression in South Africa in a series which is locked at 1-1 with two matches to play.

"We have a number of younger men underneath the chronilogical age of 24 into the part in addition they had been great at producing power across the bat and placing strain on the resistance".

The use of stump mics also hogged much limelight during the India-Australia Test series in 2018/19 but none of the players had crossed the line despite them going at each other full throttle.

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