January Democratic debate: Everything you need to know

CNN Democratic Presidential Debate stage

E. M. Pio Roda CNN CNN Democratic Presidential Debate stage

"We had a nice one-on-one conversation, and I informed him that I would be running for president", she said.

Those poll results have underscored the priorities for the various candidates taking the debate stage. That dynamic will offer candidates more opportunities to criticize each other's proposals as well as tout their own.

Some of the fiercest clashes could center on Sens.

For the first time since the group began polling voters about the state's 2020 primary election, Sanders leads the field of candidates, though he remains in a statistical tie with Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren. Sanders and Sen. Warren for the progressive voting bloc; it also shows Senator Warren erasing the unofficial agreement to not attack each other, respected by both senators throughout the campaign, certainly opening the door to attacks in tonight's debate. During a campaign stop over the weekend Warren said she was disappointed that Sanders was trying to "trash" her campaign, an escalation of the lighter contrasts and comments Warren has made about her progressive rival.

The feuding will likely expand to include almost every candidate on stage. Billionaire Tom Steyer will have to answer criticism that he's buying his way to the White House. In the latest CNN/Des Moines Register/Mediacom poll, she, Sanders, former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and former Vice President Joe Biden have the most support.

Expect US foreign policy in the Middle East, especially in regards to Iran, to come up on Tuesday night. The generally polite disputes over policy items including health care and immigration are poised to be replaced by increasingly bitter and personal knocks.

The eighth Democratic debate is scheduled for February 7, just four days before the New Hampshire primary, in - fittingly - Manchester, New Hampshire.

"The debates are always important - but this one's probably the most important for these candidates", said Scott Brennan, a former Iowa Democratic Party chair and current committeeman. And New Jersey Sen.

That exchange paved the way for the story that leaked Monday.

"The United States of America should never be taken to the brink of war on the basis of changing stories and lies", Kerry said. Former Sanders staffers told the Daily Beast in June that the senator "struggles" with women's issues. The Trump administration maintains Soliemani was planning "imminent attacks" against U.S. forces, but conflicting information and a lack of publicly released intelligence has Democrats and some Republicans demanding more answers.

In an interview, Lamb raised doubts about whether swing voters in his district would embrace the kind of change that Warren and Sanders are fighting for.

According to an opinion poll taken on 8-9 January, 23% of registered Democrats said they supported Mr Biden, while 20% supported Mr Sanders and 15% said they would vote for Ms Warren.

In typical Elizabeth Warren fashion, the senator from MA has changed her version of this story.

While Sanders and Warren have, until this weekend, publicly defended each other on the debate stage and in media interviews, Sanders' team says they're expecting attacks from the MA senator on the debate stage.

The script said Ms Warren was a candidate for "the elite", Mr Buttigieg had no black supporters, and "nobody is really excited" about Mr Biden.

These were the first of the 11 CIA Democrats to endorse a candidate for the presidential nomination.

On Monday relations between the two senators dissipated further when CNN reported that during a private meeting between Warren and Sanders in 2018 the Vermont senator said that he did not think a woman could win the presidential race.

Of course, this wasn't the last time she or he will discuss these accusations since they will meet four other Democratic candidates on the debate stage in Iowa just about 24 hours after Warren's apparent confirmation of Sanders' purported sexist attitude.

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