'Very strange' Hundreds of birds found dead on Wales country road

It has been speculated that the mass death of Common Starlings was a result of poisoning

It has been speculated that the mass death of Common Starlings was a result of poisoning

They have counted around 225 dead birds in the road with numerous others scattered in the hedges alongside the road but no birds have landed in the fields either side.

It was Hannah Stevens, Mr. Edwards' partner who first saw the birds.

"We've. sent some of the birds off for a toxicology and postmortem so I'm hoping we can get a result on that pretty soon but I would be very surprised if 300 died in one area without any of them being in the surrounding fields", he said.

Just an hour later, the birds were all dead.

Initially, Dafydd did not believe his wife, but when he arrived on the scene, he said, "There's easily more than 300 of them".

She called her partner, Dafydd Edwards, to tell him what had happened. They said it appeared as though the birds had "dropped down dead from the sky".

He continued, "I didn't believe her so I went to see for myself".

"It's a rational explanation, but we're not going to be revealing what we think the explanation is until such time as the investigation's complete", PC Evans, from North Wales Police's Rural Crime Team, said.

"She said she saw hundreds of them flying over and thought it looked wonderful but on her way back around an hour later they were all dead in the road", Edwards said.

"There is approximately 225 dead starlings and many others on the hedge either side". The gruesome sight has left investigators scratching their heads with leading officials on the investigation claiming they are keeping "an open mind" as to the cause.

Officers from the Animal and Plant Health Agency have since collected the birds for testing.

In the interim, local police are looking into the matter to find out about the mysterious deaths of these birds and also check if they were poisoned or not.

"It would be inappropriate for us to speculate as to how they have died".

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