UK Labour's Corbyn says prepared to stay as leader until next year

Mr Jeremy Corbyn commands cult-like adoration from enthusiastic pro European young supporters in England's larger urban centres

Boris Johnson wins with 'powerful mandate to get Brexit done'

The Tory landslide prompted Jeremy Corbyn to announce he will not lead Labour into another election after his party suffered humiliation.

Thanking voters on Friday morning, Prime Minister Boris Johnson also gave his "humbled" thanks to the Labour voters that did lend him their votes.

Asked if he felt guilty about the scale of Labour's loss, Corbyn said he had done everything he could to win the election and bridge the divide in the electorate over Brexit.

It came as the 70-year-old came under pressure to stand down immediately.

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Corbyn, an avowed socialist who took control of the party after a bruising 2015 election defeat, has shifted Labour sharply away from the centre ground that underpinned three Labour majority governments led by Tony Blair.

"For Jews who are anxious about the Corbynization of the Democratic Party, AOC officially endorsing Corbyn is going to look like confirmation of their worst fears", Forward opinion editor Batya Ungar-Sargon (@bungarsargon) said in a December 12 tweet.

You know Jeremy has always been a reluctant leader, I don't think he'll overstay his welcome.

Ocasio-Cortez and Corbyn are acquainted and had a lengthy telephone conversation shortly after she took office in January.

"He should have gone many, many, many months ago".

Johnson's clarion call to "get Brexit done" proved more appealing than Corbyn's two-pronged approach, which raised the prospect of yet more delay in the already slow Brexit process.

The party was left with just 203 seats - down from the 262 it won in the 2017 general election and the 243 it held when Parliament was dissolved in November. "In the coming years we will see that they are more important than ever", the said.

An ardent pro-Palestinian activist, he has also been accused of failing to address accusations of anti-Semitism among his supporters.

Even union kingpin Len McCluskey, a close confidante of the Labour leader who played a key role in its manifesto, tried to distance himself from the abject mess the party finds itself in this weekend.

Underlining the likely looming battle for the future of the party, Corbyn-loyalist Richard Burgon said the party should not turn back toward the center-ground.

"We need to reflect on that and learn the lessons from that".

He said he was "obviously very sad at the result we've achieved and very sad for colleagues who have lost their seats in the election and very sad for many people in this country who will now have a government that is continuing policies of austerity, and numerous poorest communities will suffer very badly from the economic strategy that I suspect the prime minister will take forward".

Mr Corbyn has been rounded on by Labour MPs, peers and defeated candidates who have blamed the catastrophic defeat on his leadership.

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