Samsung refutes its own executive’s claim of one million Galaxy Folds sold

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Didn't Sell 1 Million Galaxy Folds After All

The company hasnt yet offered the actual number of Galaxy Fold Sales.

It was widely reported by media throughout the world (including us) that Samsung has sold one million unit of its Galaxy Fold smartphone. Samsung took the Galaxy Fold back to the labs and came up with a handful of tweaks to help avoid grit from getting underneath the screen, and to discourage owners from inadvertently peeling off the top display layer that, initially, resembled a temporary screen protector. Talking at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin, Sohn said that "there's a million people" that want to use the Galaxy Fold.

As per the denial report, the Samsung spokesperson “may have confused the figure with the companys initial sales target for the year, emphasizing that sales of the tech firms first foldable handset have not reached 1 million units.”.

The unnamed spokesman did not reveal the actual number sold, except to confirm it was less than 1 million, but Korean analysts suggest between 400,000 and 500,000 of the $1980 Galaxy Fold handsets were sold this year, which is still an impressive number for a very boutique device with a troubled history. The spokesperson later confirmed that Samsung is yet to sell 1 million units of the Galaxy Fold.

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