Liz & Katarina Scoop - Season 7 Fall Finale Spoilers

'The Blacklist' Midseason Finale Preview: Show Cast and Crew Tease Liz and Katarina Face-Off

The Blacklist season 7 episode 10 spoilers: Liz, Katarina, & what's...

Oh, what a tangled web "The Blacklist" has weaved with the first half of its seventh season, which comes to a close tonight with the fall finale titled "Katarina Rostova". HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with "The Blacklist" bosses about Liz and Katarina's confrontation and the place Purple matches into all of this.

In the video above, we find Liz where she was at the end of last week's episode, pointing a gun at the woman who she thought was her friendly neighbor and nanny, but has now revealed herself to be Katarina Rostova, her long-lost super-spy mommy.

"She has spent so much of her life looking for, asking about, wondering about, being told about this woman", executive producer Eisendrath told TV Guide, "but then to find out that this kindly, nice lady next door who's insinuated herself into her life and into the life of her daughter has been lying to her and is her mother, that is so hard for Liz to accept". "Obviously, at the end of the ninth episode, Liz is demanding a solution from Katrina and the fact that she's been searching for years, is the best thing to do". Moving forward, I have a feeling that people should be at the end of fruiting, the fact is that Katrina now recognizes her mother and informs Liz why she has all the pieces, Liz will probably be her mother and One can understand the concept of a lease as to why he is and why he should or should not be trusted.

As for how she will deal with this, the official synopsis for The Blacklist Season 7, Episode 10 teases an "intense face-off" between mother and daughter. So what does this imply for Liz and Purple transferring ahead? List of prohibited itemsBy no means do you know what's going to happen. Purple is an enormous step behind Liz in the intervening time.

This Liz and Katarina face-off could have easily been the season finale. That's how huge this second is on the earth of The Blacklist. "HollywoodLife requested the EPs about why now was the correct time for this to occur.", it's humorous when folks ask questions like that as a result of plenty of it's stress. I mean for a very long time, this season is about to tip the tutu.

Bokenkamp added, "As a result of we're 22 episodes, it's a little bit of a sticky widget as a result of we're a standalone present and we're a serialized present".

However, those who worry that Katarina will die before we get to know her entire backstory should be soothed by the clues given by the show's creator. We'll have more after it airs... We're bringing Liz into the world of Katarina and listening to her aspect of the story, listening to some truths that she has a lot of.

One of the guest stars for the midseason finale may hold the key to some of Liz's plot in the episode, with Rade Serbedzija due to return as Dr. Bogdan Krilov. "Hopefully, this appears like a enjoyable little 10-episode binge-able season".

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