Exit polls show huge win for Johnson, conservatives, and Brexit

Britain goes to poll in historic election - Xinhua | English.news.cn

Boris Johnson & Conservative Party to Win December Election

A Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn, or even a coalition of progressive parties, could rattle nerves in Cayman over what type of impositions could come from London regarding the financial services sector, in particular.

Johnson turned heads as he turned up with his dog, Dilyn, to the polling booth near 10 Downing Street, even kissing the pooch as he arrived to cast his own vote.

Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party is forecast to pick up 191 seats - down 71.

Boris Johnson and the Tories are poised to make gains in Parliament and retain control, according to exit polls from the historic election. The Liberal Democrats' won 13 seats, the Brexit Party had zero, the Scottish National Party had 55, Green Party 1 seat with Independents winning 22 of the seats.

If the poll turns out to be correct, it would represent a thumping victory for Johnson, handing him a major mandate to get a Brexit deal done on his terms, strike a trade agreement with U.S. President Donald Trump and implement his policies on issues including the National Health Service.

But the European Union itself has indicated the chances of securing a comprehensive trade deal before a December 2020 deadline is unrealistic.

That would again raise the prospect of Britain facing a no-deal scenario that plunges business and the economy into fresh uncertainty.

Corbyn and the Labour Party have failed to end almost ten years of Conservative rule. Corbyn says that as prime minister he would remain neutral in the referendum.

But he has refused to either publicly back or oppose Brexit, saying he was an "honest arbiter" who would carry out voters' wishes, no matter the outcome, in a bid to unify the endlessly bickering country.

But things were not going well late Wednesday for Johnson whose central campaign message has been "Get Brexit Done".

Nevertheless, an outright Labour victory still appears more unlikely than an outright victory for the Conservatives.

"I wasn't happy. Brexit should not be dominating", said Gaurang Naik, 56, said after voting in London, a cold gust blowing in his face. Despite Johnson's ability to insult and upset everyone and anyone and his proven challenges with the truth, the Tory leader is still seen as a more favorable choice here rather than his opponent.

Pollsters YouGov last month predicted that Johnson's Conservatives would have a comfortable 68-seat majority.

"There's more volatility than there ever has been before", YouGov political research manager Chris Curtis told AFP.

"However, a hung parliament is possible but also a much larger Conservative majority isn't something that we could rule out".

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