Yay! Google Keep is Back as Google Assistant Notes and Lists Option

Yay! Google Keep is Back as Google Assistant Notes and Lists Option

Google announces Assistant integration with Keep to-dos and lists, for the fifth time

With a new note taking app selected, the Assistant can create new lists, add to already-created lists, and even take notes.

Google first announced in mid-2018 that integration with Google Keep, Any.do, and other services was in the works for Assistant. Shopping lists, holiday gift lists, a list of who is naughty and nice-It seems like you can pick any arbitrary name you want and the Google Assistant will create it and add to it.

The holiday season is a busy one for a lot of folks, and today, Google is positioning Google Assistant as something that can help with that. That was a nice start, but then Google made a decision to move the shopping list to the Home app with integration for Google Express (now Google Shopping).

To see if you have this option available, you open the Google Assistant settings and go to the "services" tab. This functionality should start rolling out today, so it might be a little while before you see it on your own devices. Google says that you will also be able to ask for historical notes and lists from connected services created before you connected to Assistant. Google's here to help with some of that with the Google Assitant and its new feature - notes and lists. If you were just intending to run down to the local grocery store, that wasn't really supported by the Google Express UX. The company noted Assistant's photo finding and sharing capabilities by noting that users can search for photos from a given timeframe - "Hey Google, show me photos from this weekend", - then select the ones they like and share them with friends using voice commands. The rollout is still now underway.

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