What Leo DiCaprio's Girlfriend Says About Age Gaps In A Relationship

Camila Morrone Leonardo DiCaprio

Camila Morrone Comments on 23-Year Age Gap with Boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio

"I just think anyone should be able to date who they want to date", 22-year-old Morrone said. She further added that just the way people are fascinated by her relationship with DiCaprio, even she would be curious in a similar way.

The version is now promoting her modern-day movie "mickey and the undergo, ' and found out how the 'great" big name is a "sensitive issue" for the actor because, except the age gap, many might expect he allows her land these roles. She also revealed that her association with the actor has been misconstrued by many who assume that she stands to gain big roles in reputed films through Leonardo. And ever since then Morrone has been known for being Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend - a tag she hopes to shed now her new drama, Mickey and the Bear, has been released. So it appears she's got some acting chops, after all!

Morrone added that it's still "frustrating" because she felt people should always have, 'an identity besides who you're dating'. The couple has been going strong in the relationship despite naysayers commenting on their huge 23-year age gap.

That's true! And a fair point... if both parties are consenting and of-age, hey, who cares if there's an age gap, so long as they enjoy spending time together, ya know?!

"They seem pretty serious", the source said. Mickey and the Bear is now out in theatres where Camila plays teenager, Mickey Peck. Morrone reportedly is determined to have an identity of an established actor on her own terms and wants to be detached from her boyfriend's fame. Al Pacino - who dated her mom, actress Lucila Solá, for several years and whom she views as a stepfather figure - watched an early cut of her film and sent notes to the director.

Jennifer Aniston was reported by a tabloid named Woman's Day to have dumped Leonardo DiCaprio for Johnny Depp.

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