Trump Holds Private Meeting with UK's Boris Johnson

Former Labour MP Ian Austin fears Jeremy Corbyn's plans would wreck Britain's economy

Former Labour MP Ian Austin fears Jeremy Corbyn's plans would wreck Britain's economy

President Donald Trump and U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson met privately - and with little fanfare - Tuesday night to discuss a host of issues, including North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and trade.

Johnson has repeatedly denied this and Trump - who said on a previous visit that "everything is on the table" - insisted on Tuesday that he had no interest in the NHS. He also claimed he "knows nothing" about Corbyn, a departure from comments in October when he said the Labour leader "would be so bad for your country, he'd be so bad, he'd take you on such a bad way".

Johnson's governing Conservatives are leading opinion polls for the December 12 election, but were wary of an intervention by Trump that might upset the campaign.

But he still managed to endorse Johnson as "very capable" and intervene in a row over U.S. interests in Britain's state-run National Health Service (NHS) after Brexit. Johnson has denied the allegations.

"At the heart of it is a pledge that we will come to one another's defense: all for one and one for all", Johnson said as he arrived for the summit at a resort hotel outside London.

Johnson is campaigning for re-election on a promise to leave the European Union next month, more than three years after the 2016 Brexit referendum.

President Trump on Tuesday said the United States has no interest in Britain's National Health Service - and wouldn't want it "even if you handed it to us on a silver platter". And remember he's jet-lagged so there's plenty of time when he's going to be awake, watching Fox News and reacting to what's happening in the world."Today marks a stark contrast to 2009, for example, when the then Prime Minister Gordon Brown tried five times before successfully securing a meeting with President Barack Obama.Back then, Brown was the centrist leader of Labour".

Trump confirmed the meeting in an early morning tweet.

"Oh, yeah, yeah, he announced." an amused Trudeau declares in the footage, adding: "You just watched his team's jaw drop to the floor".

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