Plex launches free video streaming service

Plex's Ad-Supported Free Video on Demand Feature Now Available Worldwide

Plex now has thousands of ad-supported movies and TV shows, no Plex Pass required

The free content is ad-supported, but that's to be expected-especially since Plex Pass is not required.

There's no paid subscriptions, and it features content from major studios including Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM), Lionsgate, Legendary and, of course, Warner Bros. Over time, Plex plans to continue to add additional free content. "Starting today, Plex will deliver more content to more countries than any other free streaming service to date". Plex is available on several platforms, including Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, several smart TVs, Android, iOS, Xbox, PlayStation, and Amazon Fire TV.

"While there are certainly other free streaming services out there, we're the first to offer a vast, free, diverse collection of content for a truly global audience", Plex said in a blog post.

Viewers will now have access to thousands of movies, TV shows, extreme sports films, music documentaries, and Bollywood musicals free of charge. All that's needed is the Plex app.

After downloading Plex, users will find the new content right on the Home screen, though existing Plex users who prefer to prioritize their own content can remove the free content.

In their press release, Plex describes themselves as "A True One-Stop Media Service", Plex is the world's most comprehensive streaming platform, bringing free, on-demand movies and TV shows together with a user's favorite podcasts, web shows, news, music, over-the-air live and recorded television, as well as personal media collections, all through one handsome interface, from any device or platform. Plex promises it would never stick ads in movies or TV shows that in users' own libraries, which is good, and if you've run out of your own movies to watch, there's now a whole bunch more to consider.

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