Katy Perry chills with Santa in 'Cozy Little Christmas' video

Katy Perry's

Katy Perry is a sexy Santa Claus in 'Cozy Little Christmas' shoot

As Genius pointed out, "Cozy Little Christmas" marks Perry's second Christmas song after "Every Day is a Holiday", which was released as promotion for H&M's 2015 #HappyAndMerry campaign.

Christmas is just around the corner with only a couple of weeks to go but we are already getting new Christmas songs.

"Cozy Little Christmas" was co-written and co-produced with Perry's longtime collaborators Greg Wells and Ferras Alqaisi. But since Christmas music is timeless, after all, the pop star chose to distribute the song across all platforms in early November.

For first time listeners, "Cozy Little Christmas" truly encapsulates what the holidays are all about.

We don't need diamonds, no sparkly things. And honestly, truer words have never been sung. In the later part of the song, Katy Perry seems to enjoy the holiday blessings with all the Christmas creatures.

In addition to Katy Perry, even Santa Claus gets comfortable as he strips down and indulges in the back body massage by the reindeer.

In the music video, she sports dozens of ornaments buried in her sky-high bouffant hairdo, a red hoop skirt adorned with tinsel and wreaths and a very festive candy cane-style bodysuit - which she wears while swimming in a peppermint martini glass, Dita Von Teese-style.

Ready for Christmas yet?

Along with the video, Perry launched 25 Days of Cozy Countdown on her website. The actress said it was a surprise for her fans.

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