Facebook crisis response now works with WhatsApp


Facebook’s Crisis Response tool now integrates with WhatsApp

This is in addition to their existing ability to share requests or offers for help, as before. A couple of years ago, Facebook organized these tools - like Safety Check, Community Help and Fundraisers - all under a centralized "Crisis Response" centralized hub.

New features will also allow for photo and video sharing within the Crisis Response center on Facebook, letting individuals share first-hand accounts of road closures, building collapses, floods or other events, according to Dalton Smith. Facebook is introducing new updates in this feature to improve its functionality.

In addition to WhatsApp integration with Crisis Response feature, Facebook is also expanding "Data for Good" tools.

TechCrunch noted that while users of Facebook's Crisis Response will now be able to communicate via WhatsApp, the integration between the two apps is still light at the moment, which means WhatsApp won't get all the features Crisis Response on Messenger has, at least at the moment. Well, until today, people were able to offer help to the victims of crises through Messenger, but now they can do it directly through WhatsApp. For instance, if users are struck by a disaster, they can report about issues in their locality or about food supplies or such.

The firm's disaster maps are also being updated. Facebook partners with more than 100 organizations that help Facebook to come up with relief organizations and disaster maps.

Eventually, Facebook will be able to share these updates with the state as well as local officials and federal relief agencies, courtesy of partnerships with organisations like Direct Relief and the National Alliance for Public Safety GIS (NAPSG) Foundation.

The company is also improving its disaster maps, following its work with experts on the topic of displacement, like the International Displacement Monitoring Centre.

Emily Dalton Smith, head of social impact product at Facebook, explained: "We heard from people all over the world who wanted to see this happen". The features are coming out today!

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