YouTube changes rules on violent game content to match movies and TV

Beginning today, December 2nd, YouTube is changing their policy on showing violent and graphic content in video games.

In support post from YouTube Gaming, it was announced that beginning today, "scripted or simulated violent content" coming from video games would be handled just like the same content from other forms of media, such as film or TV. That mean fewer restrictions for violence in gaming, with future game uploads requiring only approval instead of being age-restricted.

YouTube does, however, note that it plans to continue restricting content where the sole focus of the video is on the violent content itself.

"There will be fewer restrictions for violence in gaming", YouTube says, "but this policy will still maintain our high bar to protect audiences from real-world violence".

Ryan Wyatt, YouTube's global head of gaming and virtual reality, added that his team "spent a tremendous amount of time on this to ensure the Gaming Creator community has full transparency around gaming video content, and acknowledged the very distinct differences between real life and video-game content".

YouTube hinted it was working on a new policy on video game policy late last month when CEO Susan Wojcicki said the company was trying to find companies who would be willing to advertise against more "edgy" content. That being said, these changes have no effect on advertiser guidelines, so some particularly gratuitous depictions of violence in video games still may face limited or no ads.

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