Riot will pay $10M to settle gender discrimination lawsuit

Image via Riot Games

Image via Riot Games

Every female employee that has worked for League of Legends developer Riot Games in the last five years will receive payment from a proposed $10m United States dollars settlement fund, following a class action lawsuit alleging "gender discrimination in pay and promotion, sexual harassment, and retaliation against women working at" the company.

Riot Games has proposed a collective settlement to every woman who has been employed by the company since 2014.

A current employee told Kotaku: "It's hard to heal and move on when we are faced with the reality that at the end of the day, Riot prefers to pay the women still here for the trouble of continuing to work with alleged abusers", regarding the continuation of the contract of employees who were named in the lawsuit.

When it announced the settlement in August, Riot said it believed it had a "strong position to litigate", but that "it was the strongest statement we could make... that we're prepared to go over and above in order to move forward".

The company has approximately 2,500 employees at offices around the world and brought in an estimated $1.4 billion in revenue in 2018. The lawsuit alleged gender discrimination and sexual harassment were part of the daily routine of Riot Games.

The settlement also commits Riot to continuing to improve its internal culture through better channels for reporting harassment and discrimination, a review of all pay, promotion, and hiring practices, and creating employee groups to track the company's progress.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Riot and the two plaintiffs involved in the lawsuit have all agreed to the terms of the settlement, although the court is yet to give its final approval.

The lawsuit was filed in the wake of a dramatic series of exposés, beginning with an article from the games website Kotaku, in which current and former employees described a workplace rife with sexist behavior.

In response to the scandal, Riot committed to a series of internal initiatives to add more women to its leadership, close wage gaps, and change its company culture.

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