Huawei's Mate 30 and 5G gear both get declared 'America

Huawei's phones and networking equipment are now

WSJ: China's Huawei Makes Phones Without US Parts

Through the course of 2019 Huawei has struggled with a ban placed on it by the US Government, forcing the company to cease using any American-made hardware components or software.

"When Huawei came out with this high-end phone - and this is its flagship - with no U.S. content, that made a pretty big statement", Susquehanna International Group semiconductor analyst Christopher Rolland told the Journal. The issuing of licenses to firms to perform business partnerships with banned companies like Huawei is one such example.

In the same report, a Huawei spokesperson said that it prefers United States supply partners. Huawei has repeatedly denied the accusation that it's under Beijing's thumb. It has since been granted two more extensions.

In the Huawei Mate 30 Pro smartphone, the company was able to completely abandon the components of the U.S. manufacturers, except for the Android 10 operating system, which in the future can be replaced with its own HarmonyOS platform.

The Fomalhaut analysis showed that the company had cut down its reliance on American suppliers in smartphones launched after May, including the Y9 Prime and Mate devices. It apparently replaced Qorvo and Skyworks power amplifiers with in-house ones from HiSilicon, and replaced Texas-based audio chip maker Cirrus Logic with Dutch company NXP.

The move away from parts from American trade extends beyond cell phone production, too, according to the report.

Additionally, Huawei told the Journal that all of its 5G hardware "is now America free". The phone is now being made without any US-sourced components at all, The Wall Street Journal reported. It's good for American industry. It's good for Huawei.

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