Google, YouTube Ban at Least 300 Trump Ads for Violating Companies' Policies

US President Donald Trump holds a campaign rally in Sunrise Florida U.S

Google You Tube Ban at Least 300 Trump Ads for Violating Companies Policies- Reports REUTERS Yuri Gripas

Susan Wojcicki revealed in an interview Sunday with CBS' 60 Minutes that she doesn't allow her kids to use the main version of the video streaming site, allowing them only to use YouTube Kids.

More than 300 videos were removed from the platform, "60 Minutes" reported, citing transparency reports by Google, which owns YouTube. The report shows that Trump's ads typically ran for just a few days before they were removed, and during this period, Google was paid for hosting.

Google's report did, however, show that numerous adverts ran for several days before their removal, "60 Minutes" reported - suggesting that they likely already reached their target audience.

Stahl says it pretty succinctly in the above clip: "There's no transparency in the transparency report".

While political ads on social media do not adhere to different rules than political ads on TV, they have come under specific scrutiny due to their unique ability to disseminate - broadly and rapidly - bad information, and the platforms' inability to properly police them.

But you'll also notice two other things about the ads that were taken down, as noted by Stahl and 60 Minutes.

In October, responding to a groundswell of concern, Twitter announced it would ban political advertising on its platform. Twitter also placed restrictions on ads related to social causes such as climate change or abortion rights.

The Trump campaign protested that change as well but said Google's will have more impact.

But even Google admits this is a half-assed promise in the next sentence, which reads, "Of course, we recognize that robust political dialogue is an important part of democracy, and no one can sensibly adjudicate every political claim, counterclaim, and insinuation".

"Can a politician lie on YouTube?"

'Well, first of all there are lots of very successful conservative creators on YouTube.

Susan Wojcicki continued on by saying that YouTube's algorithms don't have any concept of understanding "what's a Democrat, what's a Republican". In addition, they will prohibit ads from targeting the public according to political preferences. And we do hear this criticism from all sides. "And so I think that no matter who you are, we are trying to enforce our policies in a consistent way for everybody", she said.

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