EVE Echoes Open Beta Now Available for Android Users

The EVE Echoes open beta is now live on the Google Play Store

EVE Echoes Open Beta Now Live On iOS and Android Devices

The jointly developed mobile MMO brings the full EVE Online experience to mobile devices, giving players who want a more on-the-go experience a way to bring out their inner F1 jockey.

And the good news is that a lot of fans of the space sim will now be able to download and play.

EVE Echoes is now in open beta, meaning that this isn't the finished product. Also, don't get him started on why Balrogs *don't* have wings. An open beta for EVE Echoes is now available to Android users in select regions, USA included, so now is your chance to get in on the spaceship sandbox MMO for mobile devices. This is a brand new sci-fi MMORPG that aims to deliver an authentic EVE Online experience for mobile devices that's set in a parallel New Haven universe.

"EVE Echoes' Open Beta offers a more optimized feature-set for players to utilize in their adventures across the vast, deep and lovely cosmos of New Eden".

This mobile take on the popular Eve Online has been a known entity since around this time previous year, so fans have had time to build up some expectations for the game. Given the fairly involved nature of Eve then, it's probably best to see the beta as a testing ground for how well you think the experience compares to the PC version rather than making the biggest space empire you can before losing it all when the servers reset. This is, in my opinion, one of the most important features included with EVE Echoes, and I'm sure the developers would be very open to any feedback from new players on how these materials can be improved.

New Gameplay Types Now Available - In order to meet the increasing demand for in-game business dealings, a new trading platform, the Interstellar Trading Center (ITC) has opened. All players joining EVE Echoes' Open Beta will have access to these unique features. Additionally, the Open Beta will include a new player tutorial to help fledgling Capsuleers find their footing in New Eden. With this detailed tutorial guide, all novice pilots can learn how to survive and thrive in New Eden.

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