End of an error: full stop for UK apostrophe society!

The former journalist created APS in 2001 after retiring as a journalist. He spent the last quarter of his career as a sub-editor, preparing the writers' copy for the newspaper. Richards plans to quickly shut down his society's web site, which gives correct apostrophe utilization pointers (it is at present on hiatus, resulting from a retirement-related surge in visitors). When he retired, he kept spotting the same glaring mistakes in daily life and made a decision to take action, seeing the apostrophe as an endangered species in need of protection. Sadly, though, at age 96, Richards says he is ending this society.

Now aged 96, Mr Richards is calling time on the society which lists the three simple rule's for correct use of the punctuation mark. Richards plans to soon shut down his society's website, which provides proper apostrophe usage guidelines (it's now on hiatus, due to a retirement-related surge in traffic).

The website will remain open for reference and interest.

Richards wrote on the website, "With regret, I have to announce that, after some 18 years, I have chose to close the Apostrophe Protection Society". There are two reasons for this. "Evidently fewer organizations and people care in regards to the right use" of the apostrophe, he reportedly stated.

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