Armed student shot by officer at Oshkosh West High School

Oshkosh West HS shooting

Oshkosh West HS shooting

News 8000 reports that the armed student at Oshkosh West High School "reportedly confronted a school resource officer", and was shot thereafter.

Police say they believe a 14-year-old student wrote the message at the high school as part of a trend being encouraged on a popular social media app called TikTok, and that one of their friends knew about it.

The student and officer were both injured and taken to local hospitals in unknown condition, the Oshkosh Police Department said in a Facebook post.

The school was locked down.

The school is now on lockdown and parents have been notified that they can reunite with their children at Perry Tipler Middle School. A threat assessment was conducted by a San Luis Coastal Unified School District psychologist and administration on the students involved.

On Monday, about 80 miles away from Oshkosh, a student brought a gun to Waukesha South High School in Waukesha, Wisconsin, according to police.

The officer fired. Both the student and the officer were hurt, police say.

Shortly after 10 a.m. a resource officer entered a classroom where a 17-year-old reportedly had a gun. No officers or other students were injured, Waukesha Police Chief Russell Jack said.

School shootings have occasionally shone a spotlight on the response by guards and school resource officers.

The incident at Waukesha South High School unfolded after a student reported a classmate with a handgun.

Pastor Seelman said some students came into the church, and he walked them to a bus to be transported to Perry Tipler Middle School. It was also not clear what weapon the student had.

Other officers responded and tried to start a dialogue with the suspect, Jack said. This is protocol in officer-involved shootings.

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