Amazon is Bringing Quantum Computing Technology to Customers

Amazon Braket (in preview today) is a new, fully managed AWS service that enables scientists, researchers, and developers to begin experimenting with computers from quantum hardware providers (including D-Wave, IonQ, and Rigetti) in a single place.

Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab - A new program to connect AWS customers with quantum computing experts from Amazon and a very select set of consulting partners.

Amazon Web Services has announced three quantum computing services that'll bring the super-futuristic supercomputing technology within reach of everyday folks, as reported Monday by CNET sister site ZDNet.

While Google, Microsoft, IBM and others have made a lot of noise around their quantum computing efforts in recent months, AWS remained quiet.

"We believe that quantum computing will be a cloud-first technology and that the cloud will be the main way customers access the hardware", said Charlie Bell, senior vice president, Utility Computing Services, AWS.

With Braket, developers can get started on building quantum algorithms and basic applications and then test them in simulations on AWS, as well as the quantum hardware from its partners. Bra-ket notation is commonly used to denote quantum mechanical states, and inspired the name of the service.

"By collaborating with AWS, we will be able to deliver access to our systems to a much broader market and help accelerate the growth of this emerging industry", said Chad Rigetti, founder and CEO of Berkeley, Calif. -based Rigetti, which recently joined the AWS Partner Network (APN).

Braket supports hybrid quantum and classical algorithms that can be used to create iterative systems to mitigate errors inherent in today's quantum computing.

Today's quantum computers have more potential than actual function-they're difficult-to-control, noisy devices that can quickly lose the quantum behaviour that makes them special to tiny jostles from the surrounding environment. As such, it is best to think of them like a GPU (graphics processing unit) or a math co-processor.

The first is Amazon Braket.

AWS Center for Quantum Computing - A research center adjacent to the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) that will bring together the world's leading quantum computing researchers and engineers in order to accelerate development of quantum computing hardware and software.

AWS has also teamed up with 1Qbit, Rahko, Rigetti, QCWare QSimulate, Xanadu and Zapata to form the collaborative Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab to help discover new applications and to find ways to deploy quantum computing within organisations.

"While the Center's work will be focused on solving longer-term technical challenges to quantum computing, some customers are ready to begin exploring quantum computing and gain experience now", AWS said in a statement.

It is expected the lab will help all involved identify practical uses of quantum computing, and accelerating the development of quantum applications.

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