Mobile Launches 600MHz 5G Network Across United States

T-Mobile 5G

T-Mobile launches its nationwide 5G network

OnePlus' latest device, the 7T Pro 5G McLaren Edition, is now up for pre-order on T-Mobile's website.

When 5G is mentioned, most people are talking about millimeter wave spectrum, which offers blazing fast data transfer speeds, but it is sensitive to interference from buildings, trees, and other obstacles and it is best suited to use in dense, urban locations. In total, more than one million square miles are blanketed in coverage, we're told. T-Mobile hasn't actually forgotten about the other 130 million people in the USA, as a sentence halfway through the carrier's press release notes that "T-Mobile's network covers more than 60 percent of the population".

T-Mobile is also advertising that new customers can get the phone "free" via bill credits with a qualifying trade-in, and existing customers can snag up to $300 off. T-Mobile did not answer that question. There are 19,495 incorporated places in the US. Alaska is excluded entirely.

T-Mobile previously said that its nationwide 5G coverage would go live on December 6th, but it looks like T-Mo just couldn't wait until then to flip the switch.

"5G is here on a nationwide scale".

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