Dwyane Wade Fires Back at Trolls Who Mocked His Son's Look

Dwyane Wade put social media haters on alert: if you come for his son, he will defend his family.

Dwyane Wade is responding to some of the hate being directed towards his child, Zion, 12, in his family's Thanksgiving photo.

Days after Dwyane Wade stood up for his wife Gabrielle Union and issued a statement after her firing from America's Got Talent, the National Basketball Association player is now taking a stand once again this time for his 12-year-old son, Zion.

Many commenters took issue with Zion's appearance, leaving remarks like "encourage this boy to dress manly" and criticizing dad Wade and stepmother Union for letting him wear fake nails. I truly hope that everyone gets the love, support and hugs they deserve" and added, in reference to her daughter's serious look at the camera, "Also Kaav ain't with the dumb s -. "So we will continue to be us and support each other with pride, love & a smile!" he wrote on Twitter.

"I've been chose to lead my family, not y'all", he posted. One person replied: "Idk if @DwyaneWade & @itsgabrielleu know how POWERFUL & MOVING it is that they're embracing their son's individuality. "(Damnit I'm crying) In our community, being given autonomy over your body, beliefs, image, & statements as a child isn't a thing. "That child is free & happy". The NBA star said to the outlet that, as a family, it is their job to show love and support for one another.

Wade and Union have been vocal about supporting Zion, most recently at the Miami Pride Parade in April. Though Dwyane wasn't able to attend, he supported from afar, sharing a pic of Zion and his wife at the event, writing, "We support each other with Pride!"

And as a father, it's his job to support them and encourage them to go down the paths they want to in life. I'm doing what every parent has to do.

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