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For example, if you're a Steelers fan in Chicago, Google says you might first hear a story about the latest work on the "L" metro system before the update moves to a look at the recent Steelers game and a mix of national headlines. So rather than dealing with an unwieldy hourlong broadcast or podcast, Google Assistant is working clips focused on a specific piece of news. If you keep listening, though, you'll start to get longer-form stories, announcements over who the next article's publisher is, and more. Then it starts playing longer stories that are selected based on what Google knows about you. He also suggested that Your News Update could become more sensitive to context, offering different stories depending on whether (say) you're in your auto or in your kitchen. You could already access audio feeds from a variety of publishers through Assistant, a feature that was added a year ago, but what's changed now is that Assistant can intelligently sort and curate the news for you.

Google talks about how the "audio web" is booming now with podcasts and so much audio content. It's a news update or briefing that learns because the day, your location, and interests are constantly changing. The new feature is much more hands-off, which isn't always a good thing, but Google is confident in its ability to provide you the news you're interested in. The good news is users can choose between the old method and the new feature.

The feature is available in English in the United States, and will expand internationally next year, for people with compatible smartphones and connected speakers. Navigate to News and switch your News playlist format. Enter your email to be subscribed to our newsletter.

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