More than 750kg of cocaine washes up on French Atlantic beaches

Package of cocaine

Bricks on the Beach $66 Million in ‘Very Pure’ Cocaine Wash Ashore Along French Coast

Packages of "very pure" cocaine and other drugs have been washing up on France's southwestern shores over the past several weeks, the Guardian reports.

French authorities remain searching for answers, but are now pointing the finger at South America as the source of over 750 kilograms (1,654 pounds) of cocaine that have recently been found on beaches along the French Atlantic coast. New packages continue to appear daily.

"Suspect packages have been found on all beaches. from the Loire Atlantique department down to the Landes department", more than 500km, the office said in a statement.

"Any discovery must be reported immediately to the police or gendarmes [paramilitary police] without touching [the drugs]", the prosecutors' office in Rennes, Brittany's capital, said. On Sunday alone, 30 pounds of drug packages were found in Pornic, a beach town about an hour's drive from Nantes.

Rennes public prosecutor Philippe Astruc believes the cocaine most likely came from South America.

'There is absolutely an immediate health risk'.

The prosecutors are liaising with the US Drug Enforcement Administration and European anti-narcotics police in their investigation.

The Sud-Ouest newspaper reported that two people discovered two packages on the beach at Arcachon, southwest of Bordeaux, on Friday containing a total of 3kg of cocaine.

French police and customs officers regularly investigate drugs entering the country by sea routes, particularly via ports such as Saint-Nazaire or Le Havre.

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