FKA twigs Says 'Unmeshing' from Robert Pattinson Helped Her Know Herself Better

FKA twigs Says 'Unmeshing' from Robert Pattinson Helped Her Know Herself Better

FKA twigs OPENS UP on life post split from Robert Pattinson: I feel now like my time is so precious

The 31-year-old musician described the process as an opportunity to discover who she was as an adult outside of anyone else.

FKA twigs, in an interview with New Music Daily with Zane Lowe, got candid about life after her split from Robert Pattinson. "And then the unmeshing is like you have to definitely discover out - nicely I experienced to seriously find out who I was", FKA confessed.

Born Tahliah Debrett Barnett in Gloucestershire, England, the British singer, songwriter, dancer, producer, and director seems almost unparalleled in her creative drive-and that's illustrated by her current tour.

"When you happen to be with any individual, your life grow to be incredibly entwined, with like your buddies and family, your program". I feel like words are so precious.

She said in her latest album Magdalene, she explores prioritizing herself in a relationship. "And it was more about being chosen than you asking like, 'what's right for me?' and 'what do I need to be? Nurtured, or to feel complete?'"

She added: "I mean, I remember even when I had my operation waking up and like my family had gone home, my friends had gone home and just kind of having no one to call, not because like nobody loves you or not because there is truly no one to call".

"I feel now like my time is so precious", she said. Now getting much more time to herself, FKA claimed she enjoys the smaller points in life. I feel like I have like a little child inside me that's like alive'.

In December 2017, the "Cellophane" singer underwent surgery to remove fibroid tumors from her uterus, and has said not having a partner during her recovery was tough, as she had no-one to call for support. I just have a newfound regard for like, preserving the ideal temperature all over me that like satisfies me. I feel like I giggle more'. Named after the new Magdalene (Young Turks), her second LP and first in five years, the multidisciplinary experience finds inspiration in Gesamtkunstwerk, a German concept that means "total work of art" or "synthesis of the arts". The singer revealed that they are now unmeshed and Pattinson had earlier that he is on friendly terms with her ex twigs.

FKA became engaged to Robert in 2015, but the Twilight hunk is reported to have ended the relationship in 2017, telling friends their careers and constant travel kept them apart.

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