Mercedes-Benz G-Class Is Getting An Electric Variant

Mercedes-Benz Just Confirmed It’s Developing the First Official Electric G-Class

Electric Mercedes-Benz G-Class Confirmed by Daimler CEO

"In the past there were discussions on whether we should eliminate the model, the way I see things now I'd say the last Mercedes to be built will be a G-Class", Pallenberg said.

This, according to Daimler CEO Ola Källenius, who was quoted on twitter by the automaker's Head of Digital Transformation Sascha Pallenberg as saying that, "There will be a zero-emission #EV version of the #MercedesBenz G-Class".

No ready date has been provided, of course, but given the power that will be needed to propel this heavy, resolutely un-aerodynamic vehicle, patience is in order. The G-Class could benefit from an electrified powertrain, as the most efficient SUV is rated at up to 14 mpg combined.

Neither Källenius nor Zetsche indicated a time frame during which the electric G-Class could be unveiled; however, based purely on the company's electrification strategy, we should see it within the next two years.

We had thought there's be a plug-in hybrid version of the G-Wagen at some point, but it's now possible Mercedes will miss out that step altogether and go straight to a full BEV G-Class to take on competition on the horizon. The AMG division plans to introduce the technology in several of the models that it adapts for enhanced performance.

Chennai: At a time when the struggling auto market is still recovering, Mercedes-Benz, India's biggest luxury carmaker, on Thursday expanded its multi-purpose vehicles, or MPV, a new segment it created by introducing top-end Mercedes V-Class Elite priced at Rs 1.10 crore at pan-India showroom. The G-Glass is one of the least efficient SUVs on the road and Mercedes was even discussing the possibility of cutting the boxy SUV out of its lineup.

As such, it would have been inconceivable for it to disappear.

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