London Piccadilly Theatre Ceiling Collapsed during a Performance

Wendell Pierce as Willy Loman Sharon D Clarke as Linda Loman

Footage emerged yesterday of the actor Wendell Pierce talking to evacuated audience members Credit Elliott Franks

Numerous theaters in London's West End are very old and similar incidents have taken place in the past. In 2013, 76 people were injured when the ceiling of the city's Apollo Theatre collapsed during a show.

As part of the ceiling plunged down, screams came from the audience and "everyone got up and streamed down the stairs", journalist Martin George said.

"Then, as we stood up, this huge chunk of ceiling, about three to four metres across, crashed down".

Backstage and front-of-house staff from the Piccadilly Theatre will continue to be paid by Ambassador Theatre Group while the venue remains closed, union BECTU has revealed. Five members of the audience sustained minor injuries and were taken to local hospitals. I would like to thank you all for one, safely evacuating.

"We take the safety and security of our audiences extremely seriously and we are doing everything we can to ascertain the cause of the incident".

4 folks had been hospitalized after three males and two girls had been handled on the scene by paramedics, in accordance with the information outlet.

Pierce, who stars within the HBO drama "The Wire" and who performs Willie Loman, the protagonist in "Death of a Salesman", apologized to viewers members for the canceled efficiency. "We're so honored that you came tonight".

"The sound at closing purchased so loud that we stood up and began to slide away, as we had been wondering what was going to happen".

It is not the first time a ceiling has collapsed in one of London's theatres.

Some people in the theatre say that before the ceiling collapsed, they heard increasing noise from running water.

London Fire Brigade said: "Firefighters are attending the Piccadilly theatre where a section of plaster has fallen from the ceiling during a performance".

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