KFC finds #KFCProposal couple who are now flooded by sponsors

A screengrab shows the man proposing to his girlfriend in KFC

Wedding sponsorships pour in for man who proposed to girlfriend at KFC

"I respect twitter from today...the power twitter and fellow tweeps have is fantastic", said one user.

South Africans have been offering to help a couple have the wedding of their dreams after a video of the proposal at a KFC restaurant went viral on social media. "We've found the attractive couple, and it looks like we're having a Streetwise Wedding", the post read. "DM us any leads, there might be a Finger Lickin' Good surprise in it for you too ..."

South Africa woke up to the most handsome news of a man who was seen proposing to his woman at KFC.

With nearly 300,000 tweets about the happy incident, South Africans united in their efforts to give the newly engaged couple the best wedding ever.

"It's not even about the video, it's about love", he said. "The man. I'm not as fearless as he is". While some do not end go as planned, their's is one of the few which has become successful. "Everybody came running from outside that heard the screams from the cashiers and the patrons.it's genuine love".

"Cricket fans, let's play our part and assist our good friends at @KFCSA to locate this attractive couple", Cricket SA tweeted. "We would have never imagined that our love story would have touched so many of you", the couple added.

On Friday, KFC South Africa said it would be meeting with the couple and vowed to keep people posted on any developments.

"That's why we don't find happiness, we focus on material things", another person wrote.

The fast-food chain appealed to the public to help them track down the couple who got engaged at its Vaal outlet on Wednesday so that they could "bless" them.

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