UK Labour Party candidate: Israel is like an abusive parent

Jeremy Corbyn at a pro Palestinian rally in 2014

Jeremy Corbyn at a pro Palestinian rally in 2014

A Labour election candidate quit yesterday after it emerged she had compared the actions of Israel to those of a child abuser.

Kate Ramsden was sworn in at the Gordon constituency after the Jewish Chronicle highlighted her blog post. "As we intervene in child abuse cases, the global community should intervene in Israeli acts".

"Like many abusers, unable to reflect on their own abuse, and ending up recreating it in the abuse of others, exerting their power in those weaker than themselves because once they were the powerless", the post says.

Ms Ramsden has published an apology for her blog.

Now, in step with the newspaper, Labour insist the Unison official has determined now not to face thanks to 'personal reasons'.

Both candidates were re-interviewed by the Labour Party, according to media reports.

"The staff immediately informed the Scottish Labour Party, which informed the Scottish Executive Committee that the Scottish Secretary of State made a decision to conduct a new interview with Kate Ramsden".

Staff immediately alerted Scottish Labour, who informed the Scottish Executive Committee, which chose to re-interview Kate Ramsden about the new posts. "The party has taken swift and decisive action on the issue".

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has stated Labour has executed "all the pieces requested of it" by the Jewish neighborhood, amid accusations of anti-Semitism within the occasion.

Gordon is for the time being held by Conservative Colin Clark, the Parliamentary Below-Secretary of Explain for Scotland, who unseated old First Minister Alex Salmond at the relaxation election.

CHRIS WILLIAMSON has resigned from the Labour Party and announced he will be seeking re-election in Derby North as an independent candidate in the general election next month.

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