Twitter now lets you follow topics, not just accounts

Twitter is reportedly expanding its Topics feature test to a wider user base

Representational image. Reuters

Bishop told The Verge that the system is created to show users more Topics tweets if they follow fewer individual accounts, and uses machine learning to decide which tweets users will be shown.

For example, sending or interacting with tweets about a team might prompt a query over whether the user wants to "follow" that team or be kept in the know about what is being said on Twitter on the topics, the company explained at the briefing. It gives you a birds-eye view of conversations around people, things, and events without having to read all the ramblings of a particular account.

Twitter this year has been focused on new features aimed at making it easier for users to find what they're looking for and to control their experiences on the social network. Twitter will also show more tweets from topics to those who don't follow a lot of people, while others who follow a lot of accounts will see fewer tweets from topics. Currently, that can be a bit daunting, as people who are logging into twitter for the first time probably have no idea who to follow aside from select friends and celebrities.

To follow a topic, simply search for the subject you're interested in. Instead of just showing tweets from people you follow, Twitter will now let you follow certain topics/subjects that show tweets from people you don't follow.

The new "Topics" option was expected to be available to Twitter users on mobile devices powered by Android or Apple software or through web browsers by November 13. Thereafter, you'll see a badge on tweets in your timeline sourced from the topic you're following.

According to app researcher Matt Navarra, the Twitter Topics feature is coming to more users.

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