'Seinfeld' actor Charles Levin's cause of death revealed

Charles Levin died after falling down a 30ft ravine

Charles Levin died after falling down a 30ft ravine

Levin, who had appeared in United States sitcom Seinfeld, was found dead on 13 July near a remote mountain road after being reported missing by his son Jesse on 28 June.

The most recent particulars had been reported by the Day by day Mail, which obtained a police report that acknowledged Levin, 70, had been heard from earlier that day, having referred to as his pal to say he'd change into misplaced near Cave Junction, Oregon. Reports said it could be animal scavenging likely in the form of turkey vultures.

Police reportedly searched for Charles' orange Fiat, which they were told he had been driving at the time.

The 70-year-old's auto had been discovered at the top of the ravine with his pug Boo Boo Bear found deceased in the stranded vehicle. Because of the Global Positioning System from the performer's cellular phone, officers have been ultimately led to the realm the place he parked; there, a resident of a close-by city of Selma, Oregon helped them discover the vehicle - during which, sadly, Boo Boo Bear was discovered useless. I went up on foot, hiking. "I think he might have made a few bad decisions".

Apparently, Seinfield star Charles Levin who was seventy years old, has passed away over the summer. As per the report, Charles Levin's body was found on July 13 at the bottom of a steep ravine.

With a goal to retrieve his physique, officers have been compelled to slip down the hill utilizing a rope and pulley system.

The coroner's office in Grants Pass has ruled the death "accidental". It seems like he was trying to get back to his house but most probably lost the route as the place was pretty remote. As for his eaten remains, officials believe turkey vultures are to blame.

Charles had quite an impressive Hollywood career.

The actor appeared in one episode of Seinfeld, "The Bris", in 1993 as a mohel, a person who performs circumcisions under Jewish law with his character accidentally cutting Jerry Seinfeld's finger.

He additionally starred within the pilot episode of The Golden Ladies that centered round Rose (Betty White), Dorothy (Rue McClanahan), Blanche (Bea Arthur), and Coco.

So, so unhappy. Sending like to Charles' household.

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