Kristen Bell Says Husband Dax Shepard Is a 'Mountain Man' But Can Be 'Vulnerable'

Bell, who married Shepard in 2013 and shares daughters Lincoln, 6, and Delta Bell, 4, with him, added that while the actor and comedian couldn't attend the premiere she had "raffled" her event tickets toward those in need. "No, my husband has to watch my kids!'" Bell said, joking.

She added that she took it as a complement because, 'I thought, maybe I just look great to them'.

Menzel says playing the role is also "something that sort of encapsulates all the different facets of who I am as a performer".

She added that they used a whole roll of Scotch tape to tape "unchewed gum" to her chair, but one prank almost destroyed her bed.

Bell reveals how once she pulled back the covers, "they have dumped easily a gallon of water onto my mattress".

"It was saturated, and tucked into the sheets, they also put pumpkins and a bunch of their dirty underwear. They are spitting up they're laughing so hard".

Menzel is also looking forward to the release of her long-awaited animated sequel, Frozen 2, which is coming out six years after the original.

"I'm about to meet them and we're about to spend the night together", Bell said.

"I started to get really desperate and said to my publicist, 'You know, John Travolta owes me a favor.' I never called in that favor".

If you recall, during the Oscars, in 2014, John Travolta notoriously mispronounced Menzel's name, when he introduced the singer as "Adele Dazeem" to the stage for her performance of the smash hit Frozen song "Let It Go".

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