A Fortnite superstar has been banned for life for cheating

The young gamer has been banned for life

The young gamer has been banned for life

The young streamer made a tearful apology video after receiving news of the ban, but Epic Games has not rescinded the punishment.

He had allegedly been using "aimbot" software - a bot which shoots and kills rival players automatically - to unfairly win matches of the popular game.

Jarvis Kaye is a 17-year-old professional video game player living in a $21 million Hollywood Hills mansion. "He uploaded an apology video and he was set", Ninja said. "I mean, cheating in anything is just awful, you should never do it". It's not acceptable, it's zero-tolerance. "There's a difference between a content creator who has millions of subscribers, hundreds of thousands of followers, that gets banned from what literally makes him money, and some kid who is just a piece of shit, has absolutely zero following, has zero money that comes from Fortnite". He begins to choke up when he gets to the part about not being able to play Fortnite again-at least not as a career.

Jarvis is not the first to be banned from Fortnite for cheating, but his punishment is certainly among the most severe. "But the question at hand here is whether or not he should be permanently banned-for life".

The Fortnite guy argued that, in particular, Khattri's avoidance of competitive game modes while using cheats should earn him leeway. Khattri wasn't taking part in any kind of official tournament or competitive play and didn't link viewers to where they could purchase the hack.

Gamers Damion "XXiF" Cook and Ronald "Ronaldo" Mach were banned from playing for two weeks in May after colluding with other players in Fortnite World Cup qualifying rounds. The majority of responses condemn the young pro's actions.

Epic Games' rules regarding cheating are clear. "Play fairly and within the rules of the game", the company's website says.

Epic Games has a strict policy against cheating and exploiting game bugs, detailed in its terms of service. This has since given way to discussion about the severity of the punishment and whether content creators whose livelihoods depend on these games should be banned at all.

In a YouTube video, he gave a tour of theso-called "FaZe House", which comes complete with 10 bedrooms, a private cinema, gym and stripper pole. While playing, Khattri noted on several occasions that he didn't want to be banned for using cheats. Jarvis released a six-minute video apologizing for his actions and explaining that he never cheated in competition. "I'm so disappointed in myself for doing this, and not thinking about, like, the consequences that could happen".

"It's obvious that I made a massive mistake. I love all you who still support me, this is not the end", he said in a statement.

When asked about Khattri's future with Fortnite, FaZe Clan said they are looking to negotiate with Epic on getting the ban reduced or removed.

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