Adidas Is Testing Out Boost Sneakers In Space

NASA astronauts will build Adidas shoe parts on the ISS

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It's obvious that many people would want a ticket to the International Space Station, but unfortunately, only certain people are allowed there.

The German sportswear company announced today that it will test products in the extreme conditions of space through a multiyear partnership with the International Space Station U.S. Laboratory. "The initial conversations led to the idea of maximizing the unique lab characteristics of the International Space Station, like microgravity, for product research with our background in human performance for athletes".

Earlier this year, the partnership saw adidas soccer balls delivered by the NASA-contracted SpaceX CRS-18 cargo mission. "For instance, microgravity is the main condition wherein we can watch explicit trials like the conduct of a turning soccer ball without intruding on wind current and outer backings holding it set up".

"The novel states of room give the flawless condition to find the obscure", said Christine Kretz, VP of Program and Partnerships of the International Space Station US National Laboratory.

Without gravity distorting the shape and flight path of the ball and air resistance affecting the ball's flight spin, researchers are able to concentrate on testing other variables.

The idea, says Adidas, is to "leverage" astronauts' access to low-orbit conditions in order to test and hopefully sell new technologies created in an environment that can't be duplicated on Earth.

Carnes said that as the principal trial of its sort on athletic gear, the organization is as yet preparing the test results for the ball. What's more, they as of now have an alternate test arranged. It also plans to send along footwear for the astronauts to try out. "We are also inspired by the recent increase of women astronauts joining space programs, which could potentially enable exploration with a balanced look at specific biomechanical movements of both men and women throughout the entire journey".

For its first project, the team is sending a supply of Adidas' patented Boost pellets - the building blocks for the soft, springy cushioning in its high-end sneakers - aboard the ISS, where the crew will recreate the process the company uses to turn the pellets into midsoles.

Via C|net, the experiment is slated to take place sometime next year.

As part of Adidas and ISS National Lab's commitment to leading innovation within their respective fields, the partnership will pursue breakthroughs to improve future design and engineering for athletes on and off Earth.

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