Government To Introduce Latte Levy And Increase Price Of Plastic Bags

One-use cups to be hit with 25c levy as one of several new environmental charge proposals

New levies proposed on disposable cups and plastic bags

The plans are to be put out to public consultation.

New levies on plastic bags, disposable cups and waste disposal have been proposed by the Government.

Ireland will impose a so-called "latte levy" on disposable coffee cups by 2021 in a bid to change consumer habits and cut the environmental impact from the use of single-use plastics, its minister for climate action said on Wednesday.

The federal government hopes the proposed levy of as much as zero.25 euros per cup will encourage espresso drinkers to as a substitute carry round reusable "Keep Cups" that already enable clients to say a reduction in some espresso retailers.

Perhaps, most controversial of all is a new levy on disposable cups.

The existing plastic bag levy will increase from the current rate of 22c to 25c. Our first response must be to reduce the amount of waste created in the first place. Prices on bags for life won't change.

A waste recovery levy at €5 a tonne is also set to be introduced.

A new waste recovery levy of €5 a tonne is going to be applied to waste going to landfill, incineration or for export.

The levy on landfills will also increase.

He added that shops will be called on to display pricing information so that their customers have full information on coffee prices, and any added charge for using a single use cup.

The levy will be followed at a later date with a tax on takeaway food containers.

The government will develop a second phase of levies from 2022, focused on take-away food containers, and a third phase in a time-frame to be determined to address food packaging in retail outlets including for bakery items, fruit and vegetables.

While the exact rate of taxation hasn't been settled upon, a public consultation process is expected to be announced today.

All revenue raised from these measures will go into the Environment Fund and be reinvested in environmental action, such as tackling waste blackspots and litter community programmes such as the National Spring Clean initiative, Tidy Towns and the development of community areas and gardens.

A consultation on the above proposals will be open from 9:00am on November 6th until December 20th 2019.

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