Google workers demand the company achieves zero emissions by 2030

Google workers demand the company achieves zero emissions by 2030

Over 1,000 Google workers demand company adopt climate action plan

Over a thousand Google workers - 1,137 as of this writing - signed an open letter calling on Google to conjure up and implement a company-wide climate plan.

The open letter was addressed to Ruth Porat, the chief financial officer of the firm, and it was posted in Medium. The open letter comes a month after the Guardian published an article stating the search giant has made "substantial" contributions to some of the "most notorious climate deniers" in Washington DC.

The four requests Googlers are vociferating for involvement of zero-emission by 2030 no commitments that sanction to speed up the extortion of fossil fuels which are accountable for an extensive percentage of greenhouse gas emissions, no financing for collectives, lobbyists or politicians who contradict climate change; and no joining with those sanctioning confinement, monitoring, dispersion or persecution of refugees or advanced section. Employees have protested sexual misconduct and forced arbitration practices within the company and Google's treatment of contract workers. "As Google workers, we are committed to putting our users first, and Google must do the same". In September, Amazon announced a comprehensive new plan to tackle climate change amid escalating pressure from employees to make the company more green and sustainable.

A similar letter was shared by Microsoft employees in September, which stated that it was "no longer possible for us to ignore Microsoft's complicity in the climate crisis". The CEO of the company Jeff Bezos revealed the company's aim to use 100% renewable energy by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2040. The demands from Microsoft employees are identical to the ones Google employees listed in their letter.

The letter demanded that Google commit to zero emissions by 2030, cut ties with the fossil-fuel industry, stop funding climate-denying lobbyists and politicians, and have no relationship with organisations involved in oppressing "refugees or frontline communities".

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